Good news for Stroke Bleeds

There is good news for people having hemmoraghic strokes.  The clot busting drug, tPa, which was previously reserved for people having ischemic (blood clot) strokes, might become available for those having a hemmoraghic stroke.  Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is currently being conducted, with good results, on people that have “bleeds.” The amount of tPa is reduced and controlled to a greater degree compared to the amount of tPa given to someone having an ischemic stroke.  The affects of the stroke took several days to resolve itself.  Some of the stroke survivors participating in the study actually returned to work.  The small study is being expanded to a larger group of 500 people.  This is DEFINITELY exciting news!  I think tPa is a wonderful drug and has made its mark on massive stroke.

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