Moving Again!

What does it mean to endorse something? Well, the first thing for me is to believe in what you are endorsing. Believing in the product, or in this case a piece of equipment, is absolutely essential for an endorsement. Especially in this case, I am endorsing something to my fellow stroke survivor brothers and sisters.

What am I endorsing? It is called the PMTD (Physical Movement Therapy Device). It is a passive therapeutic movement device for wheelchair users. All you do is move your wheelchair up to the pedals and handle bars, strap your feet on (and hands on for stroke survivors with quadriplegia) and turn the machine on. Your four limbs are physically moved for you. There is a control box, too, for setting the speed and time. Turn it on and away you go!

PMTD™ has made a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people with disabilities. Benefits from using the PMTD™ include:

Increase of:
• Endurance
• Weight Control
• Muscle Tone
• Pain Control
• Circulation
• Range of Motion
• Organ Cleansing
• Sleep Quality

Decrease of:
• Spasticity
• Pressure Sores
• Contractures
• Stress
• Depression
• Swelling
• Needed Pain Medication
• Secondary Diseases

How cool is that? Stroke survivors, are you hemiplegic or quadriplegic? Stroke survivors, are you in a wheelchair and do not feel like exercising? Do you have problems with swelling, spasticity or skin breakdown? Check out the table. Read what the PMTD will do for you! The best part is you just move your wheelchair up to it, strap on and then take off. It takes less than two minute to setup. How do I know? Because I have one and I love it!

Over the next year, I will periodically be writing articles for our newsletter so I can keep you up-to-date on my feedback and progress. I should mention that I am currently mostly bedridden. I developed a wound on my lower groin last summer. It has been quite large at times, measuring over ½” wide by almost 1” deep.

Also, I developed Type II diabetes about five years ago. My blood sugar averages at least at 150 every day. If you know anything about diabetes, then you know that it is a progressive disease, which can, with ample time, often lead to death. That is why managing your diet and frequent exercising is extremely important! On top of this, in case you do not know, I am quadriplegic. I have not been able to move my body since my stroke in June of 1994.

Needless to say, I am very excited about what the PMTD can do to help my body. It will definitely improve my blood circulation, which will hopefully help heal my wound. It should also reduce my blood sugar and increase my muscle tone. The insulin, in my body, will absorb into the muscles, which will reduce my blood sugar and A1C. I should disclose, however, that I am still unable to get out of bed and use the PMTD on a daily basis. My goal is to use it, at least three days per week, for 30 minutes per day.

I can report, though, that I have already used the PMTD, at a very low speed, several times. I have the timer set for 30 minutes. I present as having quadriplegia but I have complete sensation and can feel every inch of my body. It is absolutely fantastic to feel my limbs move again. I can feel the blood surging throughout my whole body. It feels like my blood is buzzing. It is wonderful!

Check out to see what this device looks like. You should also watch the video to see it in action.

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