What is a stroke?

I was browsing the web today and came upon a stem cell website.  I had my stroke over 14 years ago and thought that I understood how a stroke happened pretty clearly but boy did things become clearer today!  I read what had to be the very best explanation of stroke I have ever read.  There were an adequate supply of “technical” terms to make most health professionals happy, too.

Stroke is explained on almost every website that has content about stroke.  I have always felt that most of these explanations always lacked a practical explanation that left the reader with a true understanding of what a stroke truly is.  We all know that a stroke happens when the flow of oxygen is prevented from going to the brain.  Stroke  involves much more than that though.

I was always confused between the terms, thrombosis and ischemic.  To me an ischemic stroke meant that it was a clot; ischemic meaning a clot caused the stroke.  This is true and false, both.  It is true that ischemic means that a clot caused the stroke but actually the word, thrombosis, is the correct medical term for clot.  So, technically, a thrombosis causes an ischemic stroke.

You learn something everyday!  Hey, what do I know, anyway?  I had a brainstem stroke!  Go to http://www.xcell-center.com/treatments/diseases-treated/stroke.aspx for this excellent explanation about stroke.


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  1. That is interesting stuff!


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