Is there a “silver bullet” for stroke recovery?

Is there a “silver bullet” for stroke recovery?   The short answer is a resounding, NO!  I cannot believe how many “scams” are out there!  Everyone wants to make a quick buck but nobody is willing to put their money where their mouth is and perform the studies necessary to back up their claims.  When you make the emphatic claim that your therapy, drug, medical procedure, product, etc will cure or reverse the effects of stroke you better damn sight be ready to prove it!

And I do not mean that you have a video of it helping one or two stroke survivors or a biased report written by the person making the claim.  I am saying that you better have data, with a sufficient sampling size, and with positive results to prove that your claim does what it is supposed to and for ALL stroke survivors!

Let me make this perfectly clear, there is NO silver bullet for stroke recovery!  All the claims you might hear of and those websites of testimonials from stroke survivors are nice but definitely not adequate for you to be spending your hard earned money on.

The ONLY thing I know of that should help with stroke recovery is the “tried and proven” stroke rehabilitation of physical, occupational and speech-language therapy and lots of it!  You do NOT need to physically go to therapy, either.  There are lots of exercises you can do at home and by yourself.

So, the bottom line is, no matter how appealing the stroke recovery sounds, please save your money, stroke recovery has no “silver bullet!”


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  1. An usual natural herb made use of in ischemic stroke , and it helps to enhance circulation. In stroke recovery, such could assist restore feature. However, much of the research into this herb is inconclusive. Another herb utilized is Siberian ginseng. This natural herb is made use of to protect brain cells, and it does have some activity on improving the blood vessels in the body, not just the brain.


  2. Hello, have you looked into stem cells treatment? I have a friend who works for a clinic in Mexico and it’s apparently very effective, no side effect, long term results… What are your thoughts about stem cells therapy for your condition? Kindly leave a message to me if u have some question feel free to visit our site thank you.. and their fb fan page is .


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. There’s no quick fix for stroke patients. We all have to relearn skills that are lost when part of our brain is damaged. So rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after stroke.

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  4. I agree there is no silver bullet; but Therapy helps along with a positive attitude.
    I’ve found some research to support the importance of social connections. I’m trying to do my part by volunteering at the Hospital inpatient rehab working with Stroke survivors. trying to make the social connection eary. let people know they are not alone.


    • You are so right. I have recently had a brian stem stroke (a nasty experience I can tell you) but I persevered by therapy, luck,and a big dose of positiveness. I’m still in recovery but doing well, thankfully I seem to have got away with it and should be OK but it was down to luck and being positive even though sometimes you just felt things were not going to improve. But believe me you must have a positive outlook otherwise you don’t have anything to aim for!


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