Is there a “silver bullet” for stroke recovery?

Is there a “silver bullet” for stroke recovery?   The short answer is a resounding, NO!  I cannot believe how many “scams” are out there!  Everyone wants to make a quick buck but nobody is willing to put their money where their mouth is and perform the studies necessary to back up their claims.  When you make the emphatic claim that your therapy, drug, medical procedure, product, etc will cure or reverse the effects of stroke you better damn sight be ready to prove it!

And I do not mean that you have a video of it helping one or two stroke survivors or a biased report written by the person making the claim.  I am saying that you better have data, with a sufficient sampling size, and with positive results to prove that your claim does what it is supposed to and for ALL stroke survivors!

Let me make this perfectly clear, there is NO silver bullet for stroke recovery!  All the claims you might hear of and those websites of testimonials from stroke survivors are nice but definitely not adequate for you to be spending your hard earned money on.

The ONLY thing I know of that should help with stroke recovery is the “tried and proven” stroke rehabilitation of physical, occupational and speech-language therapy and lots of it!  You do NOT need to physically go to therapy, either.  There are lots of exercises you can do at home and by yourself.

So, the bottom line is, no matter how appealing the stroke recovery sounds, please save your money, stroke recovery has no “silver bullet!”

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  1. An usual natural herb made use of in ischemic stroke , and it helps to enhance circulation. In stroke recovery, such could assist restore feature. However, much of the research into this herb is inconclusive. Another herb utilized is Siberian ginseng. This natural herb is made use of to protect brain cells, and it does have some activity on improving the blood vessels in the body, not just the brain.

  2. Hello, have you looked into stem cells treatment? I have a friend who works for a clinic in Mexico and it’s apparently very effective, no side effect, long term results… What are your thoughts about stem cells therapy for your condition? Kindly leave a message to me if u have some question feel free to visit our site thank you.. and their fb fan page is .

  3. Stroke Foundation.
    Dear Members of the Board.
    To save your valuable time, I will come directly to the point of my appeal.
    However, I precede this appeal with a brief introduction of myself;
    According to official medical documentation, and photographic evidence, I should be dead, from
    3 grade 5 brain haemorrhages, hydrocephalus, and meningitis, etc.
    However, after I recovered from a documented month long coma; Two proceeding General Practitioners prescribed me four types of medicating drugs; However, I researched the side effects of their drugs and ceased to ingest them, as according to the scientific data, I researched on the internet, the drugs prescribed are potentially fatal.
    In addition; I was earlier introduced to, by a family member a natural medication, which has phenomenally improved my Health and Strength, so much so, my son filmed me, and put the film clip on [You Tube Peter Tor-kilsen] doing my standard Gym workout, doing a leg exercise with
    1058 1bs, and an abdominal exercise with 200 1bs; Un-filmed is my 440 pound arm exercise, and several others; Incidentally, I’m 56 years YOUNG, and stronger than I was when I was a trained Army combat soldier.
    The film clip proves the Medicine my son introduced me to, for- fills Hippocrates prescription of,
    ‘ Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food’;
    It is common knowledge that citrus fruit vitamin C is good in the prevention influenza, meat containing Iron prevents Anaemia.
    What isn’t common knowledge, is that there is a multitude of illness’s and diseases that are caused by nutritional deficiencies
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for the sake of your patrons, their families and friends, SAVE their precious Lives, by investigating the scientifically verified evidence, not only of the side-effects of prescription drugs, but also initially via the brochures I have enclosed, to support this scientifically verified, Life Saving appeal.
    Yours faithfully
    Peter W Tor-kilsen

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