What is your knowledge about stroke?

What is your knowledge about stroke?  If you are reading my blog then you should have some interest, even a little, about stroke.  I wrote a little 10 question test to see what you know.  The test was not developed to purposely make you feel stupid.  My objective was to show you how compelling the facts about stroke are.

My hope is that you will find this information compelling, too and spread some of the facts around to your friends and they will pass on this information to their friends and so on and so on.

Am I being naïve?  Will some of you do this?  I am very passionate about spreading awareness about stroke.  The Stroke Knowledge Test is my benign and unobtrusive way of getting people interested in the facts about stroke.

If you have been to our website about stroke education and did a good job of reading the content (hint -especially, the web page about stroke statistics) I have no doubt you will do well.  Please take this test.  It will only take a minute of your time.  Let me know how well you did!  No cheating!

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Steve, Thank God for glitches. I went to take your ten question test knowing full well that I’d fail. Found an error message instead of a test. God bless Missy. Clearly, she’s a gift from God. I agree with you: your stroke happened to the right man at the right time with the right set of angels there in your home to assist you in this important work you do. I bet God has your picture on his refrigerator. Man, I can’t imagine the adjustment and adaptation you’ve endured. If there’s any truth to reincarnation I picture you and a legion of other souls ready and waiting to come here on the earth plane to live and work and have their being. God was giving our (should be out but our fits too) assignments. and He paused for affect: “I need a volunteer for one of the toughest assignments I’ve ever given. Who among you is willing to educate mankind in the stroke department?” Angel Mallory is jumping up and down, “me, me, I want that one, that’s got me written all over it. Send me Father, please.”
    “Son, there will come a time when you can no longer jump up and down like that.” God said.
    “Jumping is way overrated Father. To be given the talents to help and inspire so many who are in such turmoil would make my heart jump for joy. Please Father, send me. I want this. I want to help others.
    If I may, a good wife and family would help me get up to speed when I’m ready to launch into action.”
    “No problem” says the Big Guy. “Look for a girl named Missy.”
    Thank God you volunteered Steve. What a monumental task. You’ve done a wonderful job.

    • Rick, well said, bud! I’m sure the same can be said about ALL caregivers, too.

      BTW, I don’t know why you received an error message for the quiz. I just took it. Everything checks out okay. Also, just so you know, if you read the Stroke Education website, every answer can be found. :)


      Steve Mallory President & CEO The Stroke Network PO Box 492 Abingdon, MD 21009 http://www.strokenetwork.org/ smallory@strokenetwork.org

      • I agree Steve…Rick, well said. I have just started reading your blogs. I am having the same problem with the test. I get a 404 error message.

        I love your blog Steve. My son, Shane had a stroke May 19, 2009 at the age of 37. I want you to know, that as a mother, you are helping me understand a little, and as I continue reading forward I know you’ll be helping me more. God bless you…you are an angel to me!

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